Xkcd dating pool rule

So, using ground based telescopes we can’t come even remotely close to seeing a person standing around on a planet in another solar system.The nearest known, reasonable, candidates for being an Earth-like planet (as of April 2013) are about 20 light years away (HD 20794 d, Gliese 581 c, and Gliese 667C c).

Anyone who reads my site for long enough knows I’m a big proponent of the cold approach.

Learning how to approach women, strike up a conversation and charming them into being interested in going on a date with you is a difficult – but important – skill to master.

But just as important as it is to be willing to approach women you don’t know, it’s important to know when you approached.

Because light is a wave it has a way of spreading out (technically: diffracting).


The smaller the telescope the more the waveness becomes a problem.

Physicist: When talking about telescopes there are two quantities to take into account; the “light gathering power” and the “resolving power” of the telescope.



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