Wotlabs not updating


Well, folks, for many of you I’m sure this is old news. They would pick tanks they like to play, boost up the numbers on them, tell only their own little inner sanctum of buddies and act all high and mighty about their stats. Nobody else’s stat system will ever be displayed in the game again.

It is to me as well as I knew about it 7 days ago but just got around to typing this up. Well, it’s gone on for so long that one wonders, “what’s the fucking point now? So what you’re going to have now is a new “Stat Whore War”.

Individually, this update doesn’t take much resources, but when 50 people are updating at the same time, the server grinds to a halt.

That’s why I increased this time to 2 hours, which should spread out the updates and keep the load under control.

All 3 columns show your stats for different time periods.

In the first one you see your current, in the second your recent and in the third your stats for max. So these columns are mainly divided by time periods, not by the amount of battles or something else.

Now, they can stick with that if they want to and things will go on as they were which is in all likelihood what they’ll do. Now if only Wargaming would fix their fucking shit, we’d all be in like Flint.

WG forgot to add premium tanks to the new stats page. This will get fixed the next time the website get's an update.

If they don’t, they lose relevance as just about anybody (including us) could set up an XVM Wn8 site to display the statistics that XVM prepares.

on Wotlabs it says that; 1 The total damage i have done today is 5065 but when i check my game client and count the damage done is more than 13000 2 That i have played 5 games but i have only played 4 3 That i have 4 wins and one loss (80% WR) but in the game client i have 4 losses 4 That i have 6 destroyed tanks but i can only count 4 in the client The websites are updated As i said i checked the time they were updated.

User of XVM is placed in a queue for updating at least once every 3 days. If since the last update has been more than 3 days, this user will placed in the queue for update.

when the user of XVM enters the battle, our server will check when his stats was updated.XVM, the assholes that made the system that fucked up the entire game and made it the most toxic cesspool on the internet, have taken over COMPLETE CONTROL of the Wn8 formula. Well, in short, it means that every site will now have two options: Unfortunately in past the authors of the expected values tables allowed themselves some liberties and pranks with the expected values such as manual manipulations in order to troll audience. What you’ll have are people from Wotlabs, who like the good little lapdog, hangers on they are will stick with Wotlabs to the bitter end displaying their stat tags getting ridiculed by the people who use the new XVM controlled stats. So what does that mean for Wotlabs, Noobmeter and the like?



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