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She signed her first record contract with Jive Records in 2008.

She was also a star on the reality series Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Now Bossip learns exclusively that Memphitz was right, he didn’t beat her at all. Michelle to court over the defaming allegations that he was an abuser. She said she did not have a black eye as she lead many to believe.

She did say she had a bleeding cut/scrape and carpet burn from crawling and being dragged, but then said that Hitz only hit her with a water bottle. She said she had no bruises but was sore the next day as if she had an extensive work out. Michelle about an alleged text message K says Hitz saying that he was going to kill her son, K didn’t answer that directly either.

“He was going around telling people how crazy her voice was and calling her his little sister, but she wasn’t feeling that at all. She kept pursuing him, telling him they could be like Jay-Z and Beyonce.

He kept trying to tell her it wasn’t going to be like that, but she just wasn’t taking no for an answer.” “He tried seeing her for a little while, but she had a really negative attitude. Everything about her was negative and when Memph realized that, he told her it wasn’t going to work with them.” Bossip’s source says things came to a head about eight months ago, when the two were at a hotel in Memphis, which is hometown for both of them.

Toya, who appears throughout the show, was shockingly candid when it came to discussing her troubled marriage to Memphitz, which has been the source of rumor and gossip for months. My husband is going through a lot right now and I’ll continue to pray for him in his situation and hope that it gets better for him. And if my daughter is with somebody and she truly loves them…I could see if she had infidelity issues or he beat her or something she couldn’t control, then I’d say that’s an unhealthy relationship and she should walk away.

When it comes to allegations of abuse and infidelity - she didn't hold back. I took a vow for better or worse and a lot of people don’t understand that who aren’t married. All I know is he changed from all the things that were going on.


Lastly, she does admit to Memphitz paying for her plastic surgery, but not all of it.When asked, K admitted that “Hitz Committee” paid for her breast implants and veneers, they did not pay for her butt augmentation.According to K, she paid for that herself and it had it done “the drag queen way” and doesn’t have proof of payment. If she is pregnant I know she will be so devastated.


Michelle Hospitalized After Butt Shots "I really need to expose K. I'm sick of him cheating on her all over the place…He is a kappa, went to Christian brothers university in Memphis, went to Meharry Medical School.

In the lawsuit Hitz maintains that Delgado can corroborate his case instead.



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