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"They don’t get a lot of visitors and it's tough for the — their mission is really tough — so I’m glad we could be here to visit.” Franken echoed her sentiments: "We go to show that we love and support our troops." It's believed that the groping incident was during a rehearsal for their show hours after they spoke with WPIX that Franken allegedly forcibly kissed Tweeden.

The alleged groping incident in that picture didn't occur until a few days later, during their military flight back to the United States.

Leeann was still in battle gear, wearing her Kevlar vest and helmet, Franken in a red sweater.

What she was wearing looked to be the same as the gear she was wearing in the photograph in which Franken is seen groping her.

The comments about Franken come at a time when Congress is conducting a review of its policy for addressing sexual harassment and how it handles complaints.

The incidents happened before Franken was elected to the Senate in 2008 and was seated in 2009 following a recount.

Tweeden described the harassment as being part of a script for a USO skit where Franken wrote where he's supposed to kiss her.

Franken has apologized for his actions and Tweeden has accepted it, but the potential impact on his political career remains to be seen amid calls for a Senate ethics investigation.

A woman said Thursday that Minnesota Democratic Sen.The House held a hearing on the issue earlier this week, and both chambers have now required mandatory sexual harassment training.



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