Who is harry styles dating

(Seriously it is late September and yet feels like July.)So, it is —that drunken, leering fop in the corner of the pub—reported that Harry Styles was seen leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles with Victoria’s Secret model Camille Rowe and he was—great gasp—holding her purse. There he went, proudly carrying this new weight, out into another shimmering Los Angeles night. as the French call it, is an ancient and wholly trustworthy symbol of deep, abiding affection. It’s an act—yes, rooted in a deeply rigid and heteronormative idea of gender roles, but still based in some modicum of anecdotal fact—as steady and known as the tides, as dependable as the seasons once were. Of all the myriad purses offered to our Holmes Chapel heartthrob since 2010 or so, yours is the one he picked up and strode off with.SHE' S a Victoria's Secret model who's graced the pages of Playboy – and now Camille Rowe is stepping out with One Direction hunk Harry Styles.Those context clues aren’t always reliable, though. Maybe he felt like work needed to see that he had some sort of stable personal life in order to secure a promotion. The point is, you heard it: Harry Styles is deeply in love and he will probably get married and maybe already is married and has grandkids and lives in Florida with his wife of many years, Camille Rowe. Maybe they were actually clearing medicine-cabinet space for a new electric toothbrush, not for your stuff.

Harry’s close friend Nick Grimshaw nearly laid bare the secret during a recent interview.

He hooked his pal, who recently made his acting debut in Dunkirk, up to a heart monitor to see what excites him and showed him a picture of Camille.



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