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Thanks for this great work, Pali and freemangordon!

/Estel // Edit Also, is it possible to "force" u-boot flasher into flashing combined image with some stable version of kernel-power (kp49, for example), for people that are totally uninterested in using stock Nokia kernel even as fallback? Would it be possible to create a 'u-boot-power-flasher' package with the newest kernel-power ?

The set-menu subcommand allows you to switch the auto-boot timeout and default boot entry in the boot menu.

The install-bootloader subcommand installs the system boot loader on a ZFS pool.

For playing & testing download archive to / and unpack it as root: $ cd / && tar -xf gz Do not forget to update bootmenu: $ u-boot-update-bootmenu Screenshot: Aapo Rantalainen, accountvip, ade, Alfred, amin007110, ammyt, Archi Mark, Arnim S, Astaoth, ayazpak, azad1top, Bad_Habit, Bahador, bharathkumarst, bingbings, brad112358, chainsawbike, conred, cproc, datjomp, Dongle Fongle, don_falcone, dos1, drucula, dschwertb, dzano, eight, eliasps, elros34, ersanpermana, Estel, Fabry, flocke000, foobar, fw190, gttnnn, guilledoc, Halftux, hamil_hamster, Hellmur, hermes040, Hthe B, Hurrian, hyno111, int_ua, ivgalvez, ivyking, J4ZZ, joerg_rw, Jorge FX, Joseph9560, jurgel, kowalski, lenoch, marmistrz, Martin K, mayhem, Megaltariak, melisa queen, meloferz, Metal Gear Solid, Mike Fila, Minhaz, minimos, mosiomm, mouzg, mrsellout, nahci13, Netweaver, nicolai, nkirk, Nobless, nokiabot, panjgoori, Panzer Sajt, patriotnop, pelago, peterleinchen, pgarvey, phapsubongtoi, pierrem, preflex, quailstorm, reinob, riv64, Santhan, sifo, Skaven2k2, Skry, skykooler, Sohil876, Sourav.dubey, sowwhatyoureap, SSLMM, stlpaul, strange1712, tanpoaran, tetris11_, trompkins, tullamulla, unclouded, unknown.obvious, uros, vetsin, whisk4s, wicket, Wikiwide, X-J, Xen Gi, Zaerc, [Dark GUNMAN], l hakkaa Pali, would it be also possible to explain in simple words, how to "migrate" from backupmenu-multiboot (multiboot combined with backupmenu as selectable option), to U-Boot with backupmenu as selectable option?

Sorry for - probably - silly question, but this whole U-boot thing was never my strong side (time to change that ), so I don't even have and idea how to start tinkering with backupmenu/multiboot combination.

This version should be stable, it has FIXED battery draining and video output garbage.

U-Boot Bootmenu reading special config file and some images from My Docs (file and directory bootmenu-img.d).



U-Boot is bootloader which can boot linux kernel - not shell scripts like backupmenu or recovery console.

This special u-boot config file is binary and is generated from text config files by script u-boot-update-bootmenu New U-Boot has 3 packages: u-boot-bootimg - contains only u-boot binary, nothing more (it is not need for end-users) u-boot-tools - contains tools: * u-boot-gen-combined - generate combined images (u-boot with kernel) * u-boot-update-bootmenu - update bootmenu entries for U-Boot * mkimage - convert z Image kernel format to u Image (U-Boot format) u-boot-flasher - contains combined image: u-boot binary with stock PR1.3 kernel.



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