Updating old furniture


So instead, I try and do small, inexpensive things to update my home.

In our family room we have the worlds most uncomfortable furniture and now that I sit on it to feed Milo all day long, it has become even more apparent.

Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle is an amazing way to get your micro suede furniture and get it looking new again.

Simply spray a small area evenly and them rub with a dry, clean cloth. I had to to go over a few spots a few times, but now this sofa looks brand new and is just waiting to be ruined by my own children!

A few new throw pillows and I turned a tired old piece of furniture into a new, fresh one!

It’s a flat surface, so your measurements will be more accurate. Attach the drill bit to your drill and drill the previously marked holes.Following the instructions on the package, fill old hardware holes with epoxy putty.On a lot of older pieces of furniture, for some reason, they used larger drawer pulls.Once the wax has dried for a few hours – or even over night – take a lint free cloth and buff the whole piece to give it a slight sheen.

The more you buff, the more shiny – and modern – your piece will look.* I painted this dresser in Cream by ASCP because it was a custom piece, but to get an even more modern look, choose a bold color like Emperor’s Silk, Napoleonic Blue, English Yellow, Antibes Green or Barcelona Orange.* Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® is very easy to distress.So, no new furniture for me…but I did convince my husband to let me buy some stained (which is why it was so cheap).



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