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Rock and Roll legend Dick Clark personally gave them a listen.

They’ve also gotten some great opening slots for Half Japanese, The Poster Children, Jonathon Richman, Gigolo Aunts, House of Large Sizes and The Returnables. Kulczyk March 2003 In five years of writing for Maximum Ink, it is rare that I receive a call from Rökker at 9pm asking me to check out a band’s website and write about them two hours before print time.

“We had four or five people to pick from and we had meetings. He was just really nice and easy to talk to,” Ford recalls.

“We were really looking for someone who we'd be comfortable with who would be like our friend — who wouldn't be mean to us if we didn't understand them and wouldn't get their feelings hurt if we didn't like their idea. We weren't looking for for some crazy producer who was a visionary.”For Walker, who cops to being a lifer with the band, it was a good match.

“I don't know much about [what happened with Litt].

I never really got into it too much with the girls, but, obviously, there was some sort of falling out and it just didn't work out.

After a serious motorcycle accident and some substance abuse problems, Billy Idol took a well-deserved twelve-year break from the music business.

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But that's when things got a little tricky.“We took meetings with a bunch of people, picked one producer [Litt] and started pre-production with him and moved down to L. [from the Bay Area],” explains bassist Maya Ford, formerly known as Donna F. He was going for a different sound than we were going for and he didn't get our references.

He then proceeded to release titles from artists Kill Switch…Klick, D. Sebasstian, The Penningtones, Circle Of Fifths, Bill Wolford’s Head, Exposure To Living and Drag Strip Riot. I spoke to guitarist Allison Robertson via telephone when the Donna’s were on tour in Chicago. Formed a couple of years ago in Seattle by Jason [guitar, piano and singer], his wife Tina [projector] and seven year old daughter, Rachel on drums after Tina found and bought some old slide photos at a yard sale.


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