The 1930s dating

It was rebuilt and in 1974 was bought by County Bingo and converted into a bingo parlour and 480 seat cinema.

The Govan Road cinema closed in 1981 and the bingo hall in 2006 with the Lyceum lying empty ever since.

"I am sure the exciting projects that will be delivered in Govan over the next few years will continue the regeneration of one of our most historic communities." Chance to breathe new life into Govan venue FROM the very early days of the moving picture, the people of Glasgow have enjoyed going to the cinema.

This continued until the International Whaling Commission (IWC) moratorium on commercial whaling went into effect in 1986.

Japan continued to hunt whales using the scientific research provision in the agreement, and Japanese whaling is currently conducted by the Institute of Cetacean Research.

For example, one of the cinemas on Sauchiehall street had an L-shaped auditorium.

The audience on one side had to watch the film while looking in a mirror. The plans to re-invent the Lyceum on Govan Road as a community venue and hub are to be welcomed.

In December 2015, Japan went ahead with their whaling program, renamed "NEWREP-A".


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