Tamagotchi dating cheat

Not-Pure Families do not have pets, nor do they do anything special when you press C. A blended family is a family in which the parents are either different types of characters, or you married the same type of characters wrong.

Blended families are a great way to get a variety of characters that you can marry into Pure Families.

To marry him/her, select "Yes." Your tama is now married!

Your siblings and parents (if marrying to 3rd generation), will say goodbye and return to Tamagotchi Planet. Press both A and B to pour tea into both cups, if both are placed correctly.

HAHAHAHAHHAA Little Longer The instruction booklet only has four stages: Baby, Child, Teenager, or Adult.

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Wait a bit longer till your Tamagotchi changes once more, then use the Dating my tamagotchi v5 has just changed into an adult this morning ( there ever so cute ) but i heard i am going to have to wait about a day or to till i can go onto the dating show or marrige :) i have tryed lots of cheats but none of them seen to work. Warning the other tamas will cry and leave from tamagotchi. every says over and over, 'u have 2 wait 2 days to get married'!!!

Also by Binary, the following are the codes from the DVD. Wait a bit longer till your Tamagotchi changes once more, then use the Dating Channel.



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