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Normally, Taijiquan sword forms are not very well adapted as cane forms, but I practice the Standard 32 Sword Form with my cane as do many others.

Karate, kung fu, Shaolin, Bagua and Hsing I cane or stick forms are often fast, vigorous, powerful, twisting, agile, and with some very low stances.

The cane might have a straight rather than curved or hooked end with a round ball shaped (pommel) end or some sort of straight or carved handle at the end.

The cane might be very simple, natural and plain; or be carved, painted or decorated.

in the Cane Masters system demonstrated both right and left handed. Beifang Qi includes sets of "Qigong" or "energy exercises", multiple views of the form and a complete section on basic applications. By taking a look at three of the pioneers of the art of the cane and the way in which they present their art, we find the commonalities that define the masters. British Quarter Staff Association "The British Quarterstaff Association teaches men the art and technique of the quarterstaff, a weapon whose use predates written history. This film features many beautiful and elaborate sets from the largest film studio in the world, Hengdian World Studio, or "Chinawood," near Shanghai, China. Hearty and generous impartation here is aimed at quick and effective acquirement by any learner." Vendor 2. It cleverly and reasonably utilizes the techniques of attack and defense, so it can both attack and defend. Read the short essay by Ted Mancuso on "So yes, there probably was a time when monks were encouraged to use their humbled wooden instruments as a first and stolid line of defense.For this reason, when you do find a good and useful webpage, be sure to save the webpage to a folder on your hard drive or server. More emphasis on using a thicker and longer walking stick, like a Japanese Jo, rather than an inconspicuous cane. Cane Masters Instructional Video Series, Volume 5, Winning Katas with Techniques. shares his advanced techniques and winning katas with you in this 51 minute tape. "In this presentation by Ted Mancuso, he utilizes a traditional Shaolin cane set taught to him by one of his teachers, Lam Kwong Wing, to explore the very nature of weapons work. In-depth stepwise breakdowns of each section of this fast and mobile form.I am inconsistent about italicizing non-English words in this webpage. These are the same katas he used to win 50 first places, 6 Grand Championships, and the World and National Titles in 19! My Bagua teacher, Shifu Kent Howard, learned this bagua staff form. "Classical Baguazhang, Volume XVII, Bagua Seven Stars Staff." By Joseph Crandall. "This is an introduction to the English public of the Bagua Seven Stars Staff. Introductory remarks bring new points to light about the usefulness of weapons work especially, with simple, easily available instruments. Mancuso discusses and demonstrates: Basic strikes and their applicability to all weapons. Examples of applications, including running commentary explaining more than just the movements but the reasoning behind cane defenses.This webpage will focus entirely on Taijiquan cane or walking stick arts, practices, history, and forms.


Taiji cane forms are typically performed slowly and deliberately.I will lso continue to do research on the Taiji cane and walking stick, and make improvements to this Taiji Cane hypertext notebook.



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