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Over the past century, annual surface air temperatures in the region of North America extending from the state of Maine to Washington DC (herein, the Northeast), have increased by over 1 °C, and are projected to continue to rise by at least 2.5 °C over the next several decades (Kunkel 2013, Horton 2014).A thorough understanding of Northeastern climate variability at decadal to centennial time scales is necessary in order to anticipate climate change impacts on ecological and human systems in this densely populated region.We evaluate our tree-ring network for spatiotemporal climate signal strength and reconstruction skill across New England.


These sites are in the northern region of the species range, with the forest in Appleton representing the northernmost known stand of thespecies (Stockwell 1999) (figure 1) and are relatively undisturbed by anthropogenic influences (Hopton and Pederson 2005, Pederson moss and fern species.Green hatching indicates the species distribution as defined by the US Forest Service (Little 1978).) and develops a temperature reconstruction for the Northeast based on these data.


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