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Thursday, July 11th, 2013 Burlington Vermont VT Digger reporter, John Herrick, reports, “Videos, petitions, fliers, hearings and protests are marking the final days before the public comment period on the F-35’s environmental impact statement closes Monday. Thursday, July 11th, 2013 Winooski VT Free Press reporter, Joel Banner Baird, states, “(Mayor) O’Brien doesn’t want his vote against the basing of F-35’s to be construed as opposition.Opponents are making noise, staging protests and holding public forums. A day after the Winooski City Council unanimously voted to inform the U. Air Force it disapproves of local basing for its new, noisier F-35 jets, the mayor (who votes with the council) said his stance has been misinterpreted.“But as the opposition slowly swelled, speaker after speaker decried the feared impact of a plane that the Air Force acknowledges is significantly noisier than the F-16.Neighborhoods abutting BTV have already been devastated by the din of airport operations, several opponents said, citing the federal government’s purchase and demolition of scores of homes inside a high-noise zone deemed unfit for human habitation.” Asked after the meeting whether the council’s vote represents a setback for the anti-F-35 coalition, Chris Hurd, one of its leaders, insisted, “We don’t look at it that way.


During a 90-minute press briefing at Camp Johnson in Colchester, Gen.

The Winooski City Council said it now opposes the planes.

A group of medical professionals said they’re “bad for our children’s health.” And the Vermont Air Guard said they’re “the right fit” for Vermont.

Thursday, July 11th, 2013 Burlington VT Click here to listen to the entire radio interview.

Deb Reger’s interview on University of Vermont radio’s WRUV with Chris Hurd from the local Burlington community is part of the Stop the F-35 group that is resisting the military expansion of the Burlington International Airport to house the F-35 military planes.

Dick Harris (pictured) and other Air Guard officers disputed that the F-35 would be significantly louder than the existing fleet of F-16s.



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