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Part of the naked Group -- the people behind popular Moganshan retreat, naked Stables -- naked Hub is a hip, well-designed coworking space that's already become something of a success story for the hospitality company. Amenities: The place is huge and spread out over two floors, with showers, a fridge, a microwave, filtered air, and free weekly massages. Coffee, tea, water, and Heineken beer are complimentary and free-flow. Service: Security works 'round the clock and during work hours they have community managers that run the place, facilitating a communal working atmosphere between their clients.

They now have several new locations: Jing'an, Hunan Lu, Hongqiao, and Century Avenue. You can ask them for help with any difficulties you have with the space, and even to introduce you to other people working there.

We'll help you create a complimentary personalized, online page for your group to help make the reservation process easier.

Updated August 16, 2016 Whether you're just looking for some desk space and internet access for the day or something larger but temporary to accommodate your (soon to be) million dollar start-up, Shanghai offers a decent range of coworking spaces to suit your needs.

We spoke with over five staff members, all of whom were unwilling to share this information. And a working desk that provides printing/ scanning machine and paper cutting machine. Xnode's a great option if in addition to an office solution, you're looking for in-roads into Shanghai's entrepreneurial community. There's a shared area with a cafe, lounge chairs, and standing tables.


of adaptable space in two conference rooms and one boardroom, this Bryan/College Station hotel features open and airy event spaces with beautifully desgined lighting.The office is about a 15-minute-walk from Jing'an Temple, with plenty of eateries and stores nearby. In addition to being a coworking space, Xnode also bill themselves as a "start-up accelerator".A lot of effort went into its interior design, which is heavily inspired by Shanghai culture and history. Hours: 24/7 Wifi: The member internet speed here is apparently a closely guarded secret. Each floor consists a common area, a bar, open offices, private offices, and conference rooms of different sizes. As such, they offer opportunities to network and collaborate with other companies, as well as organize and host events for their clients to pitch their ideas to venture capitalists for funding. Amenities: They have meeting rooms from 80rmb an hour.Many small companies are currently occupying office space from industries like cosmetics, engineering, and software development.

Cost: Access to the shared cafe area is free if you drop in occasionally. Service: They only have a single staff person at the front desk, but that seems to be enough here.

If you have problems, you can speak to the front desk, which offers both Chinese and English language service.



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