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Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Swedish, Slovenian, Slovak, Czech, Indonesian, Turkish, Hungarian, Hebrew, Chinese, Catalan In April 2017, Badoo launched a newly redesigned app and brand, adopting the colour purple and an orange heart symbol as its logo, as well as the tagline ‘Bigger than Dating’.

The macaques' mirror neuron regions were also active when the animals watched videos of other monkeys interacting socially, and even when they watched objects colliding with other objects.

Dr Julia Sliwa, a researcher who co-authored the study, said that this suggests the motor neuron system, which also exists in the human brain, could be more involved than thought in understanding a variety of both social and non-social interactions.

The brain network identified in macaques is located in the same areas of the brain associated with theory of mind in humans, suggesting the human brain circuitry may have evolved from macaques.

But what surprised the researchers was that the body-selective areas of the macaques' brains got an extra boost when the animals watched videos of monkeys interacting with objects.

In late 2007, 20% of Badoo’s then 22 million users were paying for heightened visibility at least once a month.


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