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I wonder how many times since I've heard those words. " "His family are really good friends with my family!

"Let me shatter the bubble you are living in – 'nice guys' do bad things sometimes.

Rape culture thrives off your silence; your rapist's success in our society relies on you feeling ashamed and staying silent. Claim your life back; place the blame squarely back where it belongs, with the person who caused you this harm.

If you are that person someone chooses to speak to: listen to them, support them and most importantly believe them.

We all went back to his house and after a while my friend and her boyfriend decided to go home.

They are now no longer the nice guys you once believed them to be.

If you are not judged on how you treat other human beings, what exactly is the basis of your character judgement? Nothing has ever screamed guilt to me more than the 'seen' icon at the bottom of that message.

If I didn't acknowledge that anything was wrong, maybe nothing was?


My closest friend knew that something wasn't right about the situation and after talking with her at length about it I was able to express and accept that I had been raped. If that wasn't traumatic enough to deal with, it also triggered past trauma from my childhood. I began to hear of things that he had passed on to his friends.

Two of his close friends sat and joked about this in front of my friends.


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