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In fact, Donna told Mail On Sunday's Charlotte Griffiths at a recent party that her agent 'has definitely claimed the first ticket'.Rumours about the actress's split with the Duchess of Cambridge's brother first emerged in October. They managed to keep it quiet.’The couple's last public appearance together was at Pippa Middleton's wedding in Berkshire back in May.The suspect, Robert Ray Chambers, 27, of Waveland, was taken into custody at his residence later in the evening after a brief stand-off where officers allege Chambers barricaded himself in his residence and refused to surrender.

of Health and the State Veterinarian and they indicated that there is no need to submit an animal for rabies testing unless it has bitten or exposed a human or a domestic animal.Gilkey said that he felt that this system will be a tremendous asset to area law enforcement agencies and the citizens of Yell County through helping to provide better trained officers to serve the needs of the citizens.


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