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Walk in and wait service for blood tests, Monday 8.45am-5pm, Tuesday 8.45am-7pm, Wednesday 1pm-5pm (10am-5pm on alternate Wednesdays), Thursday 8.45am to 7pm and Friday 8.15am to 3pm.

Peer support groups and information workshops for children, teenagers and adults living with or affected by HIV.

Walk in services: emergency contraception, if you have had intrauterine contraception fitted within last four weeks and experience pelvic/abdominal pain, free condoms and lube, if you are under 16 years old and if you are between 13-24 and need a C-Card.



Other services are also available including Telecare automatic sensor equipment and the provision of Carers' Emergency Cards.Offers intercultural counselling and psychotherapy to people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, for people in mixed cultural relationships and for people whom cultural matters are an issue.


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