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The government also comfortably won the third vote - setting the timetable for the rest of the bill's progress.'I voted to leave not just because of the immigration but because I'm from an era where we weren't in Europe and we were quite alright. 'I think it would have been good if everyone had just bitten the bullet and said: ''right that's the way it is.

'I don't think the current Labour government is Labour any more.'I think people won't appreciate what she's done, that's not what we would have wanted.'She's voting with her own personal opinion rather than constituents. 'I think I would have to have a bigger picture of what she's about before deciding to support her in the future.'Ann Graham, 75, is a retired architectural librarian from Dinnington, Newcastle. We don't want Theresa May's Brexit we are going to go together and get it done and dusted''.'She wasn't effecting anything by voting against the article 50.

Eight MPs, including Labour's Chris Bryant and Mary Creagh, opposed the legislation to trigger Article 50 last night despite their constituents having decisively backed Brexit in the referendum.

Dozens more voted in favour of holding the EU referendum two years ago - but voted against implementing the result.

Eight politicians voted No last night to new laws handing Theresa May the power to trigger Article 50 and start the irreversible Brexit process - despite representing seats that backed Brexit.

Labour MPs Catherine Mc Kinnell, Alan Whitehead, Mary Creagh, Graham Allen, Paul Farrelly and Chris Bryant, as well as Liberal Democrat Tom Brake and SNP MP Eilidh Whiteford, all defied voters on their patch.

They were among 114 MPs who voted against starting Brexit last night - but they were overwhelmed by 498 MPs who followed the instructions of the British people.

While the referendum was not counted within constituency boundaries, detailed calculations by University of East Anglia researcher Chris Hanretty based on the votes have produced estimates for each Commons seat.


I think people in this area will feel let down by her.'I voted to come out and she is going against the interests of her constituents and the interests of the public at the same time.'He added: 'All of this is just a farce. They said you could have a referendum and then change things.'Christine Hedley, 59, is a hairdresser from Westerhope, Newcastle.The Commons endorsed the Article 50 legislation by 498 votes to 114 after the government saw off a desperate bid by more than 100 Remoaners to block it.


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