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Subsequent political machinations, including the treachery of the corrupt U. Army Corps of Engineers and the criminally duplicitous Mr.Bruce Babbitt, Secretary of the Interior under the morally defective regime of U. President Bill Clinton, blocked all further scientific efforts to determine the true provenance of this gift from the ancient past.Anyone interested not only in Kennewick Man and the earliest peopling of the Americas, but also in the increasing defeat of science by the U. Furthermore, this same government has spent million dollars in the legal effort to block scientific investigation of the skeleton, has lied, has concealed truth relevant to the case, and has dumped many tons of earth on the Kennewick discovery site so as to make all further serious work impossible. Clearer evidence of the anti-White racism of the U. The warm periods (14,500 – 12,800 and 11,500 – 8,200, then after 8,000 B.P.) made expansion of humans possible into inland North America – for instance, into eastern Washington State.And Sasha Nemecek, in a September 2000 feature article in Scientific American magazine, reported, “In 1997 …Daryl Fedje, an archaeologist with Parks Canada (which runs that country’s national parks system), led a team that pulled up a small stone tool from 160 feet underwater just off the coast of British Columbia.



It’s easy to make fun of blacks, America’s second-worst ingrates.But they also raised ocean levels and flooded the earlier human habitations along the shorelines.


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    But while a few industry veterans turned out mediocre efforts that proved very forgettable (we regret missing out on a few of those, which received so little publicity and did so poorly in the box office that they almost instantly vanished from cinemas after their first screenings), the silver lining of the year has to be the steady emergence of new filmmakers with refreshing perspectives and passion to spare.

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