Oracle bi updating session variables

Creating defaults for NULL values as part of table creation can help with this issue. column VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘N”) Avoid referencing form fields within the body of a trigger or program unit.Developer 2000 Forms has a PL/SQL engine independent of the database.


A3 The concurrent manager first looks for the environment variable $APPLCSF, If this is set, it creates a path using two other environment variables: $APPLLOG and $APPLOUT It places log files in $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG Output files go in $APPLCSF/$APPLOUT So for example, if you have this environment set: $APPLCSF = /u01/appl/common $APPLLOG = log $APPLOUT = out The concurrent manager will place log files in /u01/appl/common/log, and output files in /u01/appl/common/out Note that $APPLCSF must be a full, absolute path, and the other two are directory names. The most accurate and up to date online DBI documentation can always be found on CPAN (In particular, the syntax of all DBI methods can be found on the DBI page.A5 The profile option Utilities: Diagnostics is set to NO This profile option controls whether users can use the Examine utility.

DBI is a Perl module, well documented in both online sources and the "Programming the Perl DBI" book by Alligator Descartes, Alistair Carty, Tim Bunce and Linda Mui (O'Reilly, ISBN:1565926994) but still, I can see questions about using DBI with Oracle on Oracle USENET groups. Oracle has many features and data types, while using DBI with each particular feature is not always entirely trivial.

If $APPLCSF is not set, it places the files under the product top of the application associated with the request.


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