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In fact if you’re like 65% of Aussies, you might be hoping that your perfect partner is going to fall out of the sky and land in your lap!

Although it may sound a little clinical, the primary purpose of strategic dating is to improve the QUALITY of your dating experience.

This approach will ensure that you go on less first dates (and probably spend less on date prepping, taxis, meals and drinks…) but the dates that you decide to invest in will be more compatible.

And as we all know, higher compatibility leads to hotter romance!

In fact, conversations with my clients indicate that it leads to frustration, confusion, self-doubt and a loss of confidence and motivation. The answer is Strategic Dating You wouldn’t approach your career in a haphazard, random manner would you?

You wouldn’t go along to a job interview without knowing the job title or key responsibilities and with no knowledge of the culture of the organisation. So why do this with the most important relationship in your life?

’ Shift your focus from quantity to quality and notice how your dating experience flourishes. PS – Ladies, click here if you’d like to learn more about strategic dating and dive into an intensive process to take you from single to date-ready in 30 days.



Dating is NOT a Numbers Game Despite all the clichés and myths, the data tells us that the old-fashioned scatter-gun approach to dating does not pay off.Myth: Dating is a numbers game and the more dates you go on, the more likely you are of hitting the relationship jackpot.


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