Most intimidating police match dating events

Anyways, Phil told me to just go up to the officers and guards and ask to take their picture.

Most of them will smile, puff out their chests, and gladly oblige.* Aside from being assisted with paying my fare for the bus, I've not had any interactions with any law enforcement agents or security guards in Ecuador.


There are top notch firms, lower echelon firms, and independent contractors. here is why: As I was plotting out this exercise in photo-journalism I thought that I would have to take these pictures furtively and clandestinely.You could even buy bars and stars if you wanted to seem to have a higher rank. He said that he was walking through a part of town when he came upon an unruly demonstration with riot police monitoring it.Phil said this is the place where you go if you are a security guard, especially if you are working as an “independent contractor.” Pay attention to the unmatched pants and shirt in #9 above. He asked one of the members of the riot police if he could take a picture.As you approach the lights and they start to turn to red you can either slam on the anchors or mash the throttle and squeeze through.

You stomp on the go pedal, but seconds later a set of blue lights start flashing in your mirror.As you pull over a quick glance in your mirrors reveals the true horror. Yes, it’s the Met again, this time swapping the inner sanctum of the fortwo for the fresh-air thrills of a Piaggio MP3 scooter.


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