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Now she says she’s much less concerned with the superficial stuff. You can find someone to f— in five seconds,” she says. “Every time you post a new photo, you might get 3,000 amazing things and then you get one s—-y one and it damages you,” she says. You start scrolling and you see all these people you’ll never be like and they have so many followers and so many friends,” she says.Hence the #Insta Pride campaign: “That’s why we want to do it through Instagram—enough of these pictures.“But when I tell kids sometimes, ‘Just be yourself,’ I feel like, ‘I hope you can do that. ’” , but says she’s not particularly interested in attending award shows—even if they’re a good opportunity to send a once-homeless youth on stage to give A-listers a homily.She responds better to the unbridled, flamboyant support that Ru Paul’s contestants gave one another as they performed.It doesn’t take much to summon a whirlwind of words from Miley Cyrus, who answers every question with a torrent.She darts from memories of football games in Nashville to pop star etiquette to how America is obsessed with sex—all so quickly that some words are hard to distinguish.


“You can just be whatever you want to be.” She’s familiar with the feeling of people trying to make her something she’s not.She was a young girl reporting to a bunch of old men in suits who told her how a budding pop star needed to look and act. I didn’t know.” Now 22, Cyrus isn’t worried about offending anyone.


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