Martin starr alison brie dating


Caplan and Brie are sisters dating two best friends from a semi-successful rock band.

It features some of your favorite quirky on-screen sidekicks — Lizzy Caplan, Alison Brie, Martin Starr, and Geoffrey Arend — stepping up and playing the lead roles.

And both of our producers who were on set everyday, they’re both married and dig it, but I find when I talk to people who are married, I always ask, "Do you like it? " And clearly it’s a different answer for everybody, but the institution of marriage, the fact that we still take it as seriously as we do when it seems kind of like an antiquated way of thinking, is ridiculous.

Like, the amount of pressure, I’m sure, when you hit 30, 35, as a woman… I probably will get married; half the time it’s a very exciting idea to me, the other half the time, it’s [like], why? As soon as you get married, you’re closer to getting divorced.** Lizzy Caplan: **I do too. They’re not asking questions about if and when I’m gonna get married, even though both of my siblings are.

I think it’s similar in New York, or maybe it’s just similar in this business.

Are you at that stage where everyone starts getting married? I have a couple friends from growing up who are married, but the vast majority of us are not.

I mean, he is so loving, and I know personally, in my past, if guys have been so nice to me—nice is the wrong word—anything I wanted, they treated, and put me on a pedestal and all that, I do get sort of bored with that and want to push them away.


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