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Don’t be surprised if the coworker you met a couple weeks ago shows up to work with your favorite cupcakes on your birthday and gives you a giant hug. Basically, Israelis are the best friends you could have – so imagine how great they treat their significant others. Even the strongest of us need a little help once in a while.Israelis are always the first to help out in times of trouble.They worry you to death with emotional blackmail and guilt until you’re manipulated into doing exactly what they want.

This, from a teeny country that’s barely a dot on the globe and has enough of its own problems to deal with.

Let’s start with the most superficial of reasons, and not pretend like you only care about personality.

There is no typical Israeli look (Israeli hair color ranges from blonde to black and their skin tones vary no less), but somehow, they all manage to be insanely good looking.

Israelis are the warmest people I know – once you get used to their direct way which might seem aggressive to those unfamiliar, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by their big hearts. It’s no coincidence that Israel keeps being ranked one of the happiest countries in the world year after year.

Maybe it’s the fact that they appreciate what they have – they’re used to having to protect their country (they all join the army at 18) and they understand what it is they’re protecting.

Israelis gather in celebrations across the country, watching sparkling fireworks, going to concerts, crowding the streets for street parties… Life can throw you a lot of unexpected difficulties, and it’s important to be with someone who can help you come out stronger.


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