Golden brooks dating 2016

This African slave named Chakabazz comes back from the past to haunt the future generations because they have not appreciated what past generations have done for them.

So, that in of itself was a whole new layer to the horror. She’s very up tight which is great for me to play, coming from ‘Girlfriends’ and playing a very open minded and sassy, if you will. So playing this character, she’s very rigid, but she was the one out of all the play cousins and friends that was actually there for the right reasons, to learn something from the elders which is what we call our uncles and the elder generation that are supposed to be teaching us about our past lineage.

It’s been years since ‘Girlfriends’ has been off air, but that a lot of the actresses from that show are going back into TV for work since there’s not a lot of film roles. There are a lot of actresses, a lot of my peers going into TV.

I just think that TV, of course, just looking at it from a basic point of view, it’s definitely more lucrative.

While the San Francisco native has appeared in films such as ‘Beauty Shop’ with Queen Latifah and ‘Something New’ with Sanaa Lathan, she’s been recently cast in lead roles such as ‘A Good Man Is Hard to Find,’ and her latest film.

That’s what really, really caught my interest when I read it. This is an ensemble picture that was shot in Minnesota. We did another film called ‘A Good Man Is Hard to Find.’ We played husband and wife, and in this movie we play, you know in the black world you have that play cousin title.

Directed by Robert O’Hara, the film co-stars Keith David, DB Woodside, Darrin Dewitt Henson, Shawn Michael Howard, Rochelle Aytes, Adriane Lenox, Novella Nelson, Andre De Shields and Lanre Idewu.

For cousins Karen (Brooks), Henry (Woodside), Tyrone (Henson), Lily (Rochelle Aytes) and Simpson (Shawn Michael Howard), the truth about their ancestral fortune has been buried for centuries, dating back to the time of slavery. But you know what, it was definitely a challenge and I’d never done anything that involved any kind of fake blood or anything like that.

You’re on a show and if the pilot is picked up there’s the hope that it’ll run for a very long time and then it goes into syndication. Then I just think that there aren’t a lot of films that are being made right now that are incorporating African American women. We have Tyler Perry which is a wonderful venue for people of color, but there needs to be more. You just kind of wait around and you wait to see if they’re going to go African American if they’re not sure or if they’re going to go Latin or if they’re going to go Indian or if they’re going to go Asian. I’m actually going to do the ‘Mo’Nique Show.’ I did my pre-interview and they were asking about a ‘Girlfriends’ reunion or a ‘Girlfriends’ movie or are they going to petition to bring ‘Girlfriends’ back like they did with ‘The Game’ on BET. It would be nice to just kind of sit and catch up with the girls. I think that all of us are kind of doing our own thing and trying to create other opportunities for ourselves.

That’s the kind of tone that’s going on in the movie world. Sooner or later there will probably be some kind of ‘Girlfriends’ reunion.

When the pilot was picked up to series, Johnathan Fernandez was made a series regular.


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