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In commemoration of that historic event, we will be celebrating the anniversary year with some special materials in each of our regular updates and culminating with a Special STURP Update on October 8, 2018, 40 years to the day that we began our examination of the Shroud in 1978.

This update also brings you nine more issues of Rex Morgan's Shroud News, word of a special youth Shroud exhibition approved by Pope Francis in August 2018, memorials for several departed Shroud scholars and much more.

For more details, read the article (in Italian) at the above link.


Of course, it also brings with it the sadness of knowing that so many of our team members have passed away in the ensuing years.Diana was a Founding Board Member of STERA, Inc., did all the research necessary for us to start a non-profit and actually helped me form our organization in 2009.Since then, I have relied on her good judgment and valuable input on a regular basis.There were so many that we have compiled them all into a separate document which we are including here: Diana Fulbright Memorial.


I must also sadly report the passing of long time Shroud scholar and researcher Dr. Whanger, 87, of Durham, North Carolina, at the Duke University Medical Center on October 21, 2017, after a brief illness.

Those not included are Vernon Miller, Don Devan and Bill Mottern.


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