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John, having enjoyed the freedom and comfort of being stripped to the waist for secondary school PE, I cannot understand why your teacher thought that it was a punishment making the last 2 lads to emerge from the changing room take their tops off.Most lads would have hated being made to wear a T shirt or vest for indoor PE, having a hot sweaty shirt sticking to your back is really uncomfortable and unnecessary.I agree with Gavin and when I was at school as most boys didn't wear vests although the uniform rules for PE stipulated singlets obviously not having vests they boys went stripped to the waist.

It is strange that there weren't standard rules about these things, even within the same school.I had one PE teacher who let us wear t-shirts (and even an extra sweatshirt outdoors! Then the next year we had a different teacher, his view was that we needed toughening up and made us all do it stripped to the waist.In the sixth form things were more relaxed and we were given the choice, but most boys opted to wear just shorts and no top.There's pleny of room in the modern-styled gymnasium for muscle developing, where the boys are supervised by Mr. I also remember those old toilets we had at school, especially in primary, which were doorless where us boys had no privacy.

Source: Lancashire Life Magazine, December 1959 Since this subject seems to be exhausted would it not be more interesting if we talked about corporal punishment and nude swimming when we were at school?

On the way,we were talking and some of the boys said about whether we were allowed to wear Tshirts which had been on the uniform list and we said 'no, just shorts and plimsolls'.


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