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Hi there, My personal experience has been very positive.

I have been on 40mg for the past 2 years, prior to this I was on 60mg.

She seemed adamant she didn't want me to take 40mg daily. I have to be really careful with meds though cos I have cycling moods.

Anyway the doctor I saw on Monday, said it's not good to fluctuate with the doseage, so has suggested I stick to 40mg. My hubby takes this medicine and it makes him tired.

I take mine just before bed so it has minimised my side effects.

I was prescribed them for anxiety/ OCD and had cbt with the medication for the first 6 months which I think was a really good combination for me.

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Good luck Rach xxx Hi there, Mine is a positive experience too. Was put on 40mg almost a year ago and I can honestly say it has made a huge difference.

So I have been doing that - taking 30mg daily then upping to 40mg the week b4 my period. Hopefully some of the other members will come by soon and talk to you about their experience with taking citalopram. I'm also going to ask one of our HVs to have a look at your thread and see if they can give you further advice about the dosage. Saffron I tried this medicine for depression and anxiety and it made my depression go and my anxiety increase.



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