Dating vintage washburn guitars

If you email me please don t hide your return email address e Bay blocks my replies.


I can t guarantee your buying experience will be enjoyable, but I can guarantee that if you use these tools, your odds of buying an enjoyable guitar will be greatly increased.If you pulled the trigger and won the item, you ve been had; all the right buzz-words were in place, but Yamaha never made an FG-76.This example sufficiently illustrates the need to gain a little knowledge of Yamaha guitars prior to jumping in with both feet.Disclaimers: Yamaha produced several types of acoustic guitars: classical, folk, Spanish, acoustic-electric, etc. Some models were built for export, others were made strictly for the Japanese market.

Some models Yamaha s support staff the guitar guru at yamaha dot com can tell you about, while others remain a mystery even to them, their information deleted from the database or deemed too important to be revealed.Great guitars and solid deals can be found on e Bay - if you know what it is you are buying.


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