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First thing after entering a house or an apartment: shoes off.Also, dont even think about leaving before kahvi and pulla (coffee and bun) have been served. The door may not open without a prior notice, especially on weekends. If you say to a Finn, Lets do lunch, he or she truly believes you have set up a lunch meeting and expects to hear from you. People are not used to tips and dont always know how to react.Pulling it all together was the founder of Vst Ensemblen, director Lilli Sukula-Lindblom.


- Make an effort and say, Excuse me, if you want to pass someone. The right way to do it is to just push your way around. No food is finger food in Finland if the silverware is available.

I first saw the play in Copenhagen in the 1990s and knew right away I wanted to do it.


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