Dating boats by hull number

It is the policy of the Commission to register these boats only if the applicant demonstrates ownership by taking the steps described in this section and complies with other applicable law and regulations. Subject to the following, a landowner, his lessee or his agent may register a boat that has been abandoned on his land or the waters immediately adjacent to his land for at least 3 months.

(1) A person desiring to register an abandoned boat in his name shall provide written notice to the Commission of his intent to register the boat.

(iii) Inform the registrant of his right to reclaim the boat within 30 days after the date of the notice upon payment of all towing and storage charges and all registration fees.



(1) The Commission may take possession of a boat abandoned on public property or waters or may authorize a salvor to take possession provided the salvor complies with these provisions, is a vehicle salvage dealer as defined in 75 Pa. (3) The Commission, after taking possession of an abandoned boat or after receiving notice that a salvor has taken possession of an abandoned boat, shall notify by certified mail, return receipt requested the last known registrant of the boat.(4) Regardless of whether the abandoned boat has a hull identification number, registration number, temporary decal number or other identifying indicia, the person desiring to register the boat in his name shall place a notice in a newspaper of general circulation published in the county where the boat is located for 3 consecutive days.


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