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From 1814 to 1837 he settled 50, 000 people on 650,000 acres (2,600 km) of land in the Thames River area. He had placed about 20,000 immigrants on the Talbot settlement by 1826.


In 1823, Talbot decided to name the port after his friend Baron Edward George Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby, whose son, Frederick Arthur Stanley would become Canada’s governor general and donate to the hockey world the elusive trophy, which still bears his name.

When settlers began to arrive in 1809, Talbot added a gristmill as well.

Here he ruled as an absolute, if erratic, potentate, doling out strips of land to people of his choosing, a group that emphatically did not include supporters of the American Revolution, liberals or anyone insufficiently respectful.

Talbotville (a community in Southwold, Ontario) and the city of St.

Thomas, Ontario were named after him, as well as Colonel Talbot Road and Talbot Street in both London and St.

William Dunlop, Bishops Stuart and Strachan, Sir George Arthur, the Duke of Richmond, Lord Aylmer and many others.


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