Christie brinkley dating billy joel 19 and 28 year old dating


RELATED: Inside Christie Brinkley and John Mellencamp's Hot New Romance "It's too early to tell what might develop," the insider added."But so far, Christie's certainly put a smile on John's face!He had been playing in a piano bar and the pair, along with the then undiscovered Whitney Houston, were attempting to catch his eye.Elle, later nicknamed “The Body”, “draped herself on the piano like Michelle Pfeiffer [in The Fabulous Baker Boys]”.Although she went on to marry the singer, at the time it was Christie who opted to leave the apartment.Joel, from Hicksville, Long Island, said he “felt like a teenager again” as he dated the two supermodels.” when Christie agreed to come back to his apartment, but when he found the Australian model waiting there his feelings were mixed.

Joel has described how inside he was screaming “Yes!

Though Billy Joel is now happily remarried, the singer still has a thing or two to say about his ex-wife Christie Brinkley's love life! 26, the 66-year-old star jokingly griped onstage about Christie's new relationship with John Mellencamp, 63.

"And now she's dating John Mellencamp," Billy — who recently welcomed his second child, daughter New couple Christie (left) and John (right).

Meanwhile Christie told Joel she could sing, and ended up starring in the music video for his hit Uptown Girl.


After the trip, the two models continued to vie for his attentions back in New York.“Billy is very happy for them,” a source tells PEOPLE of Brinkley’s ex-husband Billy Joel.


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