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Those that I have included have some dates, but I won't be putting end dates.

Just like in the past, today there are hundreds or thousands of brands of instruments made with fake names and Florea.

In most cases, especially those that are simply labeled with the name of a famous maker such as Antonio Stradivari, the actual factory that made it will never be known and in real is not all that important.All instruments we offer have been checked in our workshop by our luthiers and by our violinist on tonality and playing conditions. ( Ballý ) 752 Czech Bartak , Antonin 582 Czech Bourguignon, Maurice Challier , Ernst Chanot, George Charotte , Charles-Francois Closner , Ludwig 965 German Gaspar da Salo We're accepting Pay Pal, bank transfer and other payment.For identification all violins are documented with an internal archive number, video soundfile and detailed XXL pictures - just click on the images for details. Altrichter , Julius 724 507 513 580 Apparut, Georges Baader J. This webside is permanently updated with newly listed antique violins ! On every violin we offer a video / soundile, as well as detailed XXL pics from all different angles possible.It is impossible to give a value without an actual in person evaluation, for the most part, these instruments will be valued in the under 00 range. Caspar da Salo (of the town of Salo) - German - 1880 to 1920 - common fakes imported by many firms, the real makers name was Gasparo, he didn't date his instruments like the many fakes. Ditson, Oliver - Boston importer of instruments and general music dealer.


As always, the only real way to get a value on an instrument is to take to be seen in person at a violin shop or musical instrument auction house. - Mittenwald factory in the early 1900's although the firm name goes back to the late 1700's. He also spelled his name with an f instead of an s, thus reading Gafparo Clay, Sherman and Co. Imported German instruments from the Heberlein shop in the 1920's.Occasionaly existing issues like open seams or cracks, old repairs, missing parts or required improvements have been revised and carefully taken notice of, and if necessary - worked over.



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