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The Secret Dungeon, High Wycombe, from £230, The Secret Dungeon I mean there is a bed but if you’re just going there to sleep you’re possibly missing the point.

It has mirrored ceilings, a four poster bed with stocks at one end, a dressing-up box and a private patio area with a hot tub.

Many hotels shy away from the obvious fact that some couples are using their rooms as their own little private dens of vice.

Others, however, welcome those planning a dirty weekend with open arms and a free tube of lube.

Sawyer was burnt on 2 March, eight days before the power to inflict such punishment was granted.

There is a long list of those burnt, or hanged and burnt, between 14.

There’s themed nights (think sexy schoolgirls and masquerades), not to mention a sin room and whirlpool area where PDAs are permitted.


Brandon Block will also be there, plus random a ‘mermaid’ will be swimming about.

Desire Resort & Spa, Riviera Maya, Mexico, from £455, Hotels Combined This one’s for the exhibitionists.


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