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During Monday's episode, Clare Crawley said he lived up to his reputation when he asked her on a date and later made out with Elise.

She's far from the only contestant to have problems with him on camera.

How could the format of the show stay the same when there was now a clear way to call someone out for their lies?

Their strategy paid off — the pair's former housemates opted to send the polarizing duo packing. That honor belongs to lovebirds Blakely Shea Jones and Tony Pieper.

PHOTOS: Bachelor Pad's sexy stars When it came time to decide what to do with the cash prize, Trueheart chose to share the cash, but Petersen opted to keep it for himself, saying Trueheart hadn't wanted to partner up with him to begin with. As the couple stood up to announce that they were moving in together, Pieper shocked his girlfriend by getting down on one knee and popping the question in front of the audience, his former housemates, and host Chris Harrison.

It can be easy to only see one side of a person on a TV show.


After all, editing tries to tell a story and it can twist scenarios to make you look better or worse.

“Gaming-wise, it is a pretty unbelievable feat if we pull it off. "Not to toot my own own, but I think I applied a stroke of genius [with this plan]." Little did he know, it was Chris Bukowski who was the Chris and Erica in the voting room. Erica Rose ends up getting sent home and she chooses to eliminate Michael, who was easily one of the most popular guys in the house.


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